Ceramic braces

Straighten your teeth with ceramic braces, a discreet, metal free alternative to traditional orthodontics.

As they are white, ceramic braces fitted by our skilled dentists at Kreate Dental Rugby, blend in with your natural tooth colouring, for a less noticeable way to straighten your teeth. Working in much the same way as traditional method braces, and offering the same highly-effective results, ceramic braces are glued to your teeth with wires connected between each bracket, to help reposition and align your teeth.


How do ceramic braces work?

Ceramic braces apply gentle pressure to your teeth, slowly moving them into their new position. Brackets are fixed to each tooth, and connected by a wire, usually fixed in place with a tiny elastic band. The wire is tightened at regular intervals by your dentist, gradually aligning your teeth.

Your teeth straightening journey at Kreate Dental Rugby starts with an initial consultation with our skilled dentist, who will assess your dental needs and discuss the most suitable orthodontic treatment options with you, so you can make an informed decision and, ultimately, enjoy the confidence that a straighter smile brings.


Frequently asked questions about ceramic braces at Kreate Dental

How long will ceramic braces take to straighten my teeth?

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For accurate, effective results you may need to wear your ceramic braces for between 18 and 36 months. Your dentist here in Rugby will discuss your recommended treatment length during your initial consultation and will keep track of the progress of the realignment of your teeth through regular appointments.

How do I look after my fixed braces?

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It is important to brush your teeth well after every meal, to ensure no plaque builds up on your teeth around the brackets. We also recommend regular dental hygiene appointments to maintain your oral health throughout your teeth straightening treatment and beyond. You will need to come into our Rugby practice regularly once your ceramic braces are fitted, so your dentist can monitor your progress, making adjustments and tightening the wire as required.

Will wearing ceramic braces affect my speech?

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For most people ceramic braces don’t affect their speech or cause irritation. 

Do ceramic braces hurt?

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When your teeth are pushed or moved into a different position, there is a possibility of some discomfort. This is actually a sign that the treatment is working and should stop within a few days of your adjustment appointment.

Can I remove my ceramic braces?

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Ceramic braces are fixed in place until your treatment is complete and your teeth are aligned in their new position. This does have its benefits, as there is no temptation to take your braces out, as can be the case with Invisalign, and your dentist can provide much more accurate timescales for treatment.


Ceramic braces
from £3,500

Spread the cost of your teeth straightening treatment at Kreate Dental Rugby with our 0% interest finance plans. Making your journey to a straighter smile a more affordable option.

£194.44 per month

0% interest over
18 months

For treatments over £3,000

£145.83 per month

0% interest over
24 months

For treatments over £3,000

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