Dental bridges at Kreate Dental Rugby

Our dentists at Kreate Dental offer dental bridges as a way of replacing missing teeth. Restoring your smile, confidence, and function, this dental solution literally bridges a gap in your mouth.


Benefits of dental bridges

At our Rugby practice, we use leading technology to craft bridges that are carefully colour-matched to your other teeth, for a perfectly natural finish.

Restore your smile using the remaining healthy tooth structure

Eat, bite and chew with confidence

Strong and durable, with long-lasting results

My dentist was excellent, explained the treatment he was going to give me, asked if I had any questions, answered any concerns. During the treatment constantly asked if I was ok. After the treatment he again explained what he had done and the benefits, he also answered all the questions I had. Thank you Kreate Dental

Bhadresh Shah

Dental bridges

What is a dental bridge?

Not only can a missing tooth or gaps in your smile make you feel self-conscious, they can also affect your speech, the foods you eat and harbour harmful bacteria that is difficult to reach when brushing your teeth, leading to decay.

Dental bridges are an effective solution for missing teeth, made of durable metal bonded with tooth-coloured porcelain for a natural-looking result.

Dental bridges: the treatment process

1. Your dentist will carry out a full assessment of your mouth, to ensure your surrounding teeth are strong enough to support a bridge.

2. If so, they will take a mould of your teeth, which will be used to craft a custom-made bridge. Your Kreate Dental dentist will fit a temporary crown if necessary, while your permanent bridge is being made.

3. At your next appointment in Rugby, your new bridge will be permanently bonded to your teeth, creating a new smile that is not only attractive, but also strong and healthy.

Taking good care of your dental bridge

Your dental bridge will be an integral part of your smile, so it is important to take care of it in just the same way as your natural teeth. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily and visit your Kreate Dental Rugby dental hygienist for regular cleaning.

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